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What is Fall-Safe® and how is it different?

Fall-Safe is a hip protector manufactured from a new material called D3O which is highly effective in absorbing impacts. This is due to having a special property that causes the normally free-flowing molecules to "lock" instantly upon an impact. This dissipates the load over the surface area of the protector and therefore only transmits around 30% of the impact to the body that is wearing it.

Cruise Liner

After impact the D3O material immediately relaxes into its previous flexible mode, making it re-usable. This material, which is in essence a liquid elastomer, was discovered quite a while back but no-one until Richard Palmer; the inventor and founder of D3O, could figure out how to make it stable and able to retain its form, rather than flowing away in it's liquid state. In fact the material can be formed into a very contoured shape to fit neatly over the hip and reduce it's profile so the wearer is not burdened with a flat, bulky, slab of material, which is typical of most other hip protectors.

You can find out more about D3O and these hip protectors on the Fall-Safe website. This report gives a good background on fall prevention & hip fractures in older people.