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Explore Parliament CD-ROM

Armchair Travel visited the Royal Palace of Westminster, often known as the Houses of Parliament, and captured over 100 panoramic photos of the centre of government and politics in the United Kingdom.

We were granted access to many areas normally off-limits to the public, such as libraries, committee rooms, and galleries.

The panoramas include almost two thousand hotspots, which provide access to names, narration, text, biographies, music and movies. To create these movies, thousands of photos and documents were collected and studied, enabling us to produce over 350 mini-movies about the history, art and personalities of British history and politics.

Features include: Kew Word Search, programmable Guided Tours, interactive maps, music, narration, copyrights, biographies, full coverage of all kings and queens, printable and savable text, and more.

PC Windows and Macintosh CD-ROM

Tourism Edition: £19.95 / $29.95
Scholastic Edition: £39.95 / $59.95
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360° Panoramic Photos - Samples
The Queen's Robing Room (390k) view
The Chambre of the House of Lords (360k) view
The Chapel of St Mary Undercroft (366k) view
Big Ben, the Bell in the Clock Tower (280k) view


"Realistic images; excellent interface; comprehensive information; Unlike real tours of the Houses of Parliament, this tour affords you opportunities to stop and "touch" things that interest you: move your mouse over a bust, sculpture, or painting to identify it, and click for narration or a movie. You can take the whole tour, or click on hot spots on a map to go to your favorite rooms." - MacWorld Magazine

" Substantial..."
- The Times, TES, London

"Marvellous..." - Editor, History Today Magazine

" A real treat... better than being there..."

- T. A. Ford, Talking Politics
(Journal of the Politics Association)

"Worth every penny!" - Helena Jones, Blue Badge Guide


Citizenship 21stC
The CD-ROM version of our Explore Parliament programme is also the basis for a 24 lesson National Curriculum course in Citizenship for UK Schools: Citizenship 21stC more info


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