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Armchair Travel have produced a number of educational programmes including our award-winning Citizenship 21stC.


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Citizenship 21stC is a complete 24 Lesson Course Solution including the Explore Parliament CD-ROM. This course has been designed and fully tested to fulfill the UK National Curriculum requirements in Citizenship, History, English and ICT.

"Possibly the best content-based resource is still the Citizenship 21stC and Explore Parliament CD-ROM. This package from Armchair Travel includes Citizenship 21stC, a complete course of 24 lessons designed to meet the national curriculum criteria for citizenship. It has been designed and fully tested by schools in Oldham."
- Guardian Newspaper, 17 Sept 2002

This programme also qualifies for e-Learning Credits, and is already in use by hundreds of schools in the UK. See Curriculum Online here

Citizenship 21stC detailed info including Lessons Summaries


Explore Parliament
Armchair Travel visited the Royal Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament, and captured over 100 panoramic photos of the centre of government and politics in the United Kingdom.

We were granted access to many areas normally off-limits to the public, such as libraries, committee rooms, and galleries.
In addition, thousands of photos and documents were collected and studied, which enabled us to produce over 350 mini-movies about the history, art and personalities of British history and politics.

This CD-ROM qualifies for e-Learning Credits. See Curriculum Online here

Explore Parliament CD-ROM more info


The Battle of Hastings

Armchair Travel has developed several online, interactive presentations about the Battle of Hastings for Osprey

more info here

Firepower Gunnery Simulator

ATC began production of the interactive kiosk-based simulator for the Firepower Museum in 2002. The initial installation in early 2003 has been well-received, and an upgrade to a two-kiosk, competitive system is now planned.

The simulator "kiosk" uses video to show you how to load, aim and fire the gun, and then offers a chance to fire at real targets against the clock. The programme includes extensive video footage of this exceptional gun in action.

Detailed Screenshot here.



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